Space is the place

En tanke bunke maj 2003 af Ouafa Rian


The question moving my heart these times is:
How do we as a civilization enable our selves to keep enlarging the
worlds we are living?
How do we create a mindshift from a linear to a nonlinear thinking
that will allow us to use fully the abundance of life that complexity
holds in awe for us?
For me the half degree mindshift towards living within the complexity
consciously is a lever to design for long term sustainability for

All I am going to say for the next 20minutes are an aspect of how can
we as humanity enlarge the world, and therby how can we expand our
knowledge, our hearts, our minds.
That space is magical to me.
I believe that in expanding our understanding of what space is we
will be better of living within it and with all its qualities.What I am going to say now is not scientifically proofed. Its hands
on experience
It's lived life- 34 years
And its interpretations of what great men and women have said
Infinity is spatial, and thereby bodily anchored. Senses, feelings,
Infinity is infinite, is complex (many parts created a number going
towards infinity of combinations, chess), holds chaotic conditions
and IS holding the field of all possibilities.
Eternity is timely, or say timebased and thereby mentally anchored.
We live time in a linear fashion.
One of the reasons why we don't get our actions right- if we act at
all- is that we act in a linear fashion in a nonlinear world read Nature

So my question these times is:
Are we limiting ourselves as human beings, and thereby excluding
ourselves from new insights, smells, colors, feelings, solutions and
new questions by the mental abstraction- some might even say
illusion- of time?
And my heart is trying to see into infinity to try and reveal some
new insights to help us gain a broader view on reality, to enlarge
our worlds and expand our minds and whole our bodies.Infinity:
A characteristic of infinity is that it holds complexity, holds chaos
in its scientific definition: a condition within the system that is
unpredictable yet not coincidental,
And that is has the character of the field of all possibilities
within its geometric structure.

That field is very intriguing to me: it's an organizational structure
that holds all knowledge in the universe!
That means that what we have here now on planet earth might be a
small sample of the infinity's pool of knowledge, and to me asking
questions that gets us to open up for even more of that pool is a
driving force for the work I do within organizations.
In moving towards an insight of infinity and thereby space were we
act upon a nonlinear, complex, with chaotic conditions that requires
acting through choices, that would make us, more in tune, more
connected to the web of life.
And the web of life has over and over again through out evolution
proofed its ability to create, generate and always organizing towards
a higher level of order, complexity and diversity, in beauty, in the
most simple way.
ä And the seasons know exactly when to changeä
To touch the pool of infinite possibilities we need to dare make a
choice and act upon the responsibility our life came with.
Actions and moves made by us through a choice will create access to
the treasures of space-time.
We need a clock of the long now, which is a spatial time, where the
now is long, wide, deep, large, tall and we become connected in there.
We need bodily anchored space to connect with infinity and thereby
connect to the complexity and chaos that the universe uses as a
design principle for emergence
Being in an infinity mindscape means to me to be able to live more
lives at once, to gain from all the possibilities, and to allow the
"best working" solution to appear by itself, for itself, with itself
helped by the attention our minds can offer
This only requires our ability and courage to make decisions, to make
a choice, to select one thing from the other, to dare the choice and
act upon it
To make a deep choice in the recognized pool of all possibilities is
the true endeavor we are standing in front.

So to end this:
We need infinity to transcend a time based understanding of
ourselves(our org., our thinking, our systems), and go into a
complxeity and chaotic based living and through that allow the
emergent property by all living systems: selforganization to occur.
In doing that we expand our human beeing and thereby we act upon
enlarging our worlds and again in human history open up our inner
bodily anchored doors to the universe and it's ruling principles.
And thereby we enable ourselves to live our lives with broader minds,
open hearts and with the ability to grab the responsibility that
knowledge brings.
My point is that as humans in this world in this universe we do live
more lives at the same times, simultaneously, and I strongly believe
that we need to be conscious about it in order to achieve from it and
use it. We need to expand our mental bandwidth.
And thereby enlarge the infinite universe within our minds
THAT IS OUR DEEP STARTEGY FOR SURVIVAL as a civilization, and as a
mind of great beauty and abundance.
And that our capacity as humans to deal with a multidimensional world
every second is our chance to enhance, to develop, to create new
thinkings and new perspectives on our civilizations.
Living for a more magical spaciouness
for me is a state of mind- its away of being.
It's a a way of living life at it's most beautiful, most lively, most
demanding form

And yes this, thinking about these topics, has for me some deep
implications of faith.
Yes I believe in angles and I also believe that they envy humans for
their ability and position within the universe to make a choice.

Questions I would like to pop here.
o Does Infinity rule us?
o how do we broaden our minds?
o all for the sake of beauty and abundance?
o Do our bodies reside our minds?
o and what about the angles?

From here to infinity,
May the force be with us
Ladies and gentlemen let's broaden our minds.
All for the sake of beauty and abundance
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